About the Artists


Trading as Cultural Planning Practice, Liz Gardiner is an artist, teacher and free-lance consultant specialising in cultural planning. As an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland, she develops and delivers continuing professional development modules in cultural planning. As executive director of Fablevision, she develops and delivers case study examples in practice – often in partnership with other third sector organisations, community development trusts or local authorities.

An undergraduate at Glasgow University during the 1970’s, Liz is a founding member, and now the Executive Director of Fablevision, Scotland’s foremost Cultural Planning Organisation, which has been working to develop cultural planning approaches in various policy agendas for the last three decades.

Liz has been instrumental in the setting up of cultural networks in Glasgow and Renfrewshire as well as national and international networks (e.g. the Arts and Communities Association for Scotland and Banlieues d’Europe). She has served on the board of Greenspace Scotland, lobbying for recognition of the potential of cultural planning approaches to creating greenspace in our cities. Liz also serves on the board of Senscot, Scotland’s Network organisation for Social Enterprise, representing the interests of the Cultural Social Enterprise Sector. She is a graduate of the Masters Research Degree course in European Cultural Planning at De Montfort University in Leicester.



My background is in theatre, film and TV. I trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama as a stage manager, then worked touring theatre and opera productions. I retrained as a Camerawoman and spent the next 20 years in the Camera department as camera loader, focus puller and Lighting Camerawoman, working on drama, commercials and documentaries – to the present day.

I took up my own artistic practice in 2004, starting with a project to turn the Clyde Tunnel into a ‘pocket of delight for its users’. A place-making, public lighting and community consultation project. www.holdyourbreath.org.

I formed Holdyourbreath Ltd, a not for profit company in 2005. Creating a variety of projects such as regenerating Jordan Street Park in Whiteinch, Community Action Research with a group of retired women – mentoring various community celebrations and a Street Planter project. I was creative director of Something is Missing project in Govan, integrating history and place-making  and working with young people. I enjoy working with all age groups, on anything from mural painting and pop-ups, to forming a community choir and performing a commissioned new work for voice and taiko drums. www.facebook.com/govanincidentroom.   The variety in my projects means that I generally commission, or work together with, artists from a variety of fields. My current project is inspired by the Commonwealth Games –  www.thegallusgames.org. I am also an urban beekeeper.



Creativity is the medium with which we mould our world. Whether that be the clothes we pick out, or the move we pull in catching ourselves when we fall. It works from the minuscule to the magnificent. Practising our creativity, our take on the world, our approach to situations, and practising deliberately, allows us access that magic ‘creativity’ across the spectrum of our life.

How do we make something out of nothing? How can we fulfil deep urges to belong, to connect, to expand? What does creativity look like in our human relations? What does creativity mean for justice in our lives? What does creativity mean for ‘doing the right thing’? And what are the things that limit our life-giving creativity; for if we know this we can steer clear of them!

Susan studied film and video production, worked in event visuals, and in creative management before focusing on sustainable community development. As an artist working locally she has previously collaborated on creating the Govan Thegither and the Govan Incident Room, last summer adding creative direction to the beginning of the Some Thing is Missing project.