Fablevision Studios supports long term unemployed 16 – 25 year old young people. They bring their own skills and talents to the projects and they learn new ones “on the job”. Louisa Taylor is the Creative Manager, Emma Farrell is the project manager and volunteer co-ordinator, Tommy Tapp and Andy Robinson provide technical film, editing and I.T. support. Identified through Govan Job Centre (DWP) and ProjectScotland, the Young Detectives working on the We Are Listening project have a simple brief: to help us with our listening and support our listening process with film, photography, event management and most importantly: IDEAS!

Introducing the Young Detectives:


Terry has been interested in Film and Editing since he attended a Prince’s Trust program about working in the Film Industry.  He is self-taught and everything he has learned about video editing and film has been from video and word tutorials online. He has a keen interest in learning more about being behind the camera and creative writing, and is using his experience at Fablevision to help inform his plans for his own projects. He is currently volunteering at Fablevision Studios through the Project Scotland initiative, in order to gain more knowledge and understanding of filming techniques and procedures.


Olivia began her volunteering through Project Scotland and has been volunteering with Fablevision Studios since May in an administrative and research-based role. She is excited to now be involved with the We Are Listening project (WAL). She studied Film and Television at Glasgow University and is enjoying being part of a collective that’s so invested in the local community. Arts, film and media have always been some of her main interests and following her own small projects, is raring to invest some of her skills and experience in promoting and delivering WAL .


Chris has been interested in music from a young age; however he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was fourteen (so he was almost a late starter). He attended Reid Kerr College for two years to gain an HND qualification in music, and he hopes his time at Fablevision will provide him with useful and relevant experience in creating sound tracks and writing music to accompany visual pieces.


After leaving secondary school, Fergus spent his time gathering experience as a volunteer before moving to Glasgow. He has since completed his HND in Television Production and has been volunteering whilst looking for opportunities to further his career. Fergus is excited to be volunteering with Fablevision and working on the We Are Listening project.


My name is Dylan, I am 24 and I enjoy cycling, swimming, gaming, drawing and Cadbury’s. However, there is one thing I am passionate about above all else, and that is cinema. I hope that one day I will have the chance to tell my own stories on the silver screen. It was this desire that pushed me to study cinema and theatre at university where I was able to practice my script-writing and make short films. However during those three years I never felt like that was enough and there was still lots for me to learn. I first heard of Fablevision through the job centre, who suggested I give it a look after seeing my interests. On my first day I was told about the different projects I could take part in to develop my skills and throughout my involvement I hope to gain more experience film editing and even start my own project.


Craig is a recent graduate of Strathclyde University with a degree in English and a passion for writing. We Are Listening is his first volunteering project which he hopes will give him scope to broaden his creative horizons along with being involved in projects and helping to improve the community through the greater involvement that the WAL project offers. He is interested in all things creative and hopes his experience with police-related film, television and literature can bring a fresh perspective to the WAL project, the influence of everything from Raymond Chandler to HBO’s The Wire providing all-encompassing views of both the police and the policed.. He hopes that his perspective and his writing on the police can help improve WAL and by extension the police itself, through the aims of the project.


Mark has just started volunteering with Fablevision and is excited to be involved with the We Are Listening project. Mark has been performing since the age of 9. He started with dancing and then expanded his abilities by playing musical instruments. He finished his HNC in Acting and performance at Motherwell College and is now aiming to be a firefighter and volunteer for Search and Rescue. He’s eager and willing to learn something new every day.


After leaving secondary school, Andie studied media and television at college. She’s always been interested in film, having studied media throughout her school career. After gaining some experience in multiple fields, she’s found that she enjoys post-production work the most. She’s decided to volunteer with Fablevision as the project is interesting and the work Fablevision are doing is intriguing. She’s very excited to be volunteering as it’s been a while since she’s been involved in media production.


Since leaving The Academy of Music & Sound, Julian has spent his time composing for a solo project. He has also been gaining experience in freelance photography and video editing. Julian is excited to be volunteering with Fablevision and he is fully motivated to work on the We Are Listening project.