Acknowledgement Booth – Shift 5

12 officers and 1 support staff participated (8 community officers, 3 response officers, 1 cleaner)

3 were ‘fugitives from acknowledgment’ – reasons “its not part of the job”   “Everybody seems too keen to share about themselves..”

6 people nominated a relative for a medal – 6 people nominated colleagues

This was quite a boisterous group, lots of banter and ribbing. I noticed that the banter amongst colleagues was more positive while they were doing this exercise. The group had a wide ranging discussion with the artists about the police role. Getting a balance between acknowledging what went well and what didn’t go well at work, and the tendency to focus on what did not go well.

Susan Pettie and Kathy Friend were the Acknowledgers.

Comments under : “What have you noticed about yourself or others while doing this ?”  

“A feeling of awkwardness”

“This is quite a cynical place, it might seem patronising to tell someone they did well”

“We are always looking at what we have done wrong in the (police) service”

“I noticed the difference in what people say, and what I say about myself” (colleagues were suggesting qualities this person had)

“Thank you , you made me think some good things about my colleagues today”

“Put a smile on my face”

“I am uncomfortable talking about myself – other people open up when they acknowledge you”

“It is quieter in the canteen while everybody is doing this”

“It is easier to describe someone else’s good qualities than your own”

“We are asked to do this sort of thing when we apply for promotion.. it is always difficult”