Acknowledgment Booth results

These are the top ten qualities that Police Officers in Govan would like to be acknowledged for.  The Booth appeared in the canteen during lunch breaks. 59 people took part over the 5 shifts. I am not sure what I expected to be in the top ten, but I was surprised that  ‘caring’ and ‘fun’ are so high up the list of 84 qualities that people could choose from. I think it is a useful list for anyone thinking of going into the Police Service.

I wonder what qualities people are generally acknowledged for within the Police Service – I suspect that they never get acknowledged for two thirds of this list. Are you listening Sergeants and Inspectors? These are the qualities officers want to be acknowledged for.

The statistics were also broken down into shift groups, whether people acknowledged a colleague or family member, which area of policing they work in. The graphs are now displayed in the Muster Room.