Acknowledgment Booth – Shift 2

12 officers participated (4 community officers, 6 response officers, 2 DPT typists)

2 were ‘fugitives from acknowledgment’ (4 other people had done it previously)

10 people nominated a friend or family for a medal –  2 people nominated a work colleague.

There were quite a lot of younger officers in this group. Over the period of the project I noticed that people in their 20’s found it more difficult – they are embarrassed in front of colleagues, less confident. The people in their 30’s  seem to find it easier, they are also less embarrassed. Many of the refuseniks were older officers.  It was someone’s birthday, so we used the throne for her cake ceremony.

 Kathy Friend was the acknowledger.

IMG_2498Comments  : “What have you noticed about yourself or others while doing this ?”  

“Not many people in my life deserve a medal”

“Makes you value life more – I found it really moving”

“Makes you think more about yourself  and how you act”

“Everyone seems embarrassed, until they participate”

“It’s easier to find other people’s qualities before your own”

“Hard to describe why I deserve a medal”

“There are many things people deserve a medal for”IMG_2501

“I’ve done the form, but I don’t want to get a medal”