Aknowledgement Booth – Shift 1

9 officers participated (3 community officers, 6 response officers)

0 were ‘fugitives from acknowledgment’ (some people had done it previously)

5 people nominated their wife for a medal –  4 people nominated other family members.

This was a quiet and thoughtful group, very acknowledging of their wife/family members. They had less trouble nominating themselves for a medal, perhaps because they were not talking to each other much, just concentrating. They selected a large amount of qualities for themselves and others. Groups where there was more banter had more difficulty taking part.. perhaps because of the group dynamic and not wanting to look foolish.

Liz Gardiner and Kathy Friend were the acknowledgers.



Comments  : “What have you noticed about yourself or others while doing this ?”  

“The similarities between me and my wife stand out more on paper”

“The numerous good qualities of my wife and I”

“Looking at what qualities my mum has, and also wanting to get those qualities”

“Difficult to say what you deserve a medal for”

“I appear to be quite a good guy!” (from the above list)

“The inspiration others provide by way of human qualities”