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A man walking on a beach after a huge storm discovers a young boy carefully, gently, and one by one, returning stranded starfish to the sea. There are hundreds of thousands of stranded starfish. The boy lifts a single starfish, walks with it gingerly to the shoreline and lovingly releases it into the water. "What are you doing?" the man asks the boy "I'm rescuing the starfish" is the reply "But there are tens of thousands of them!” exclaims the man “you'll never make a difference here! You're completely wasting your time" The boy gazes at the man in silence. With a sigh, he carefully picks up a single starfish, walks to the shore line, releases it into the waves and returns to the man. "I know I made a difference to that starfish" he says firmly, before returning to his task.

Chief Inspector Simon Jeacocke


Workforce Development Day

Artists and Police officer Ashley Robinson attended a public sector innovation initiative in Glasgow on the 12th September 2014. At the invitation of organiser Nick Wilding, the event was conducted on the Open Space format which allowed all participants to “leave their hats at the door”. In other words, we were able to discuss the Read more

Govan Fair 2014: a short film
Govan Fair – a short film

The film captures the atmosphere: fun, safe, exciting and enjoyable – a real family fun day out. The Govan Fair 2014 was very special. Thanks to all the team at Helen Street Police Station for all their hard work and partnership. We held hands and worked together to make it a huge success for Govan Read more

Communities within the Community

Each artist has focused on particular demographics – benchmarking and monitoring progress with Police/Community relationships as the project progressed. Liz Gardiner has focussed on the Showpeople of Govan READ MORE…..

Introducing Our Young Detectives

You will have noticed there is a section on this blog site called “Young Detectives” This is a group of 18 to 25 year old young people who have been working on the project supported by Fablevision Studios. Their role has been to support the research of the project: mainly through film, photography ad event Read more

Protecting Our Govan Fair Queen As She Accepts The Queen’s Baton

We have set an example – an exemplar for communities in the future

Sgt Barry Quigley, Police Debrief Meeting, 25th June 2014
Police Community Relations Survey
Police/Community relations survey

You can find an online version of our police survey below. Please help us out by filling it in! Police-Community Relations Survey As part of ongoing research in association with Police Scotland, we are seeking the views of local residents, visitors and event organisers regarding the social impact of the Govan Fair and its role Read more

Asset Based Approaches in Policing

Chief Inspector John Haynes inspired the We are Listening team in 2012 when he spoke at a public meeting about the proposed walkway from Water Row to the Govan Stones redisplay. From the back of the hall, a voice countered the clamour for CCTV, barbed wire and fencing: “What we need is animation: fun stuff Read more

Govan Fair Association and Police Debrief meeting

4.30pm, Wednesday 25th June 2014 Helen Street Police Station.     The Chair of the Govan Fair Association opened the meeting with fulsome praise for the Police: for the way they handled the event, for their contribution to the preparation and for the journey we’ve been on together.     What went well From the Read more

Govan Fair was a tremendous success and while there were some misgivings expressed when it was first suggested to do things bigger and better this year the professional approach by the committee and close working with all partners including the police managed the risks identified to provide an event we can all be proud of. I have no doubt there will be suggestions at the debrief to help make next year even better and I would be keen that we keep the good practice already established so that we can have another excellent event next year. Regards, John Haynes Police Inspector G37

John Haynes Police Inspector

The Sheep’s Heid is Listening Too

Policing the Govan Fair

I've not been to the Govan Fair for years. Went every year for 60 years but wouldn't take the weans now because of the trouble. Wouldn't go NEAR that park... pitched battles... OK not this year... OK not last year either.... is it really 10 years since the Fairground was in the Park?... maybe he'll bring them down this afternoon if it stays nice...

I’ve not been to the Govan Fair for years

The Govan Fair falls on my days off so I won't be on the team coz I'm not on duty..... but... I'm thinking of bringing the family :-)

Days off

"What a story we are telling here!"

Chief Inspector Tony Bone
Strategic Listening Group 1

Part of the structure of this project is to have “Strategic Listeners” listening to the local experience so that there will be a long term impact on policy making/relationships between the Police and local communities. The first of these Strategic Listening events took place in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 30th April 2014. Hosted by Read more

Strategic Listening – Update 1

List MSP Humza Yousaf hosted the first Strategic Listening event in the Scottish Parliament in April this year and requested an update on progress this week. We were delighted to welcome him to join us in Fablevision where he met with PC Ashley Robinson and his colleague who are chief “bloggers” within Helen Street Police Read more

Thinking Police People – A personal response

Speaking with Ash yesterday morning, I realised that I have been as guilty as anyone else of seeing the “uniform” rather than the “person”. I’m quite shocked to realise that – I always had myself as an open, understanding, empathetic individual who relates well to people. Just goes to show… the uniform is useful – Read more

Govan Fair Committee Meeting: Wednesday 14th May 2014

Thanks to the two police officers who attended the Govan Fair Committee Meeting last night. Unfortunately no one took a note of your names… Can you let us know who you were please so that we can acknowledge you in person?. It was great to have your input and to hear you emphasise once again Read more

Joint Police and Community Warden Briefing Meeting (Thursday 1st May 2014)

Creating a team that works together as one Our first joint community and police warden’s briefing session for the Govan Fair took place on Thursday evening (1st May) in Helen Street’s board room We introduced ourselves, we shared our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the Govan Fair and we created a shared vision for how Read more

Govan Fair Committee Meeting, (Tuesday 8th April 2014)

Supporting the Govan Fair What an amazing meeting between representatives from Helen Street and the Govan Fair Association Committee. The history goes back over 10 years when gang fights closed the Fairground in Elder Park. Recriminations abounded on both sides: the community blamed the Police for not policing properly. The Police blamed the community for Read more