Joint Police and Community Warden Briefing Meeting (Thursday 1st May 2014)

Creating a team that works together as one

Our first joint community and police warden’s briefing session for the Govan Fair took place on Thursday evening (1st May) in Helen Street’s board room

We introduced ourselves, we shared our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the Govan Fair and we created a shared vision for how it’s going to be: gorgeous sunshine, a real family atmosphere, candy floss and carnival.

Freddy Hunter, Chief Marshall of the Govan Fair Association, introduced a note of realism: “if there’s a stabbing….”

We had to laugh at the contrast but that only served to boost our resolve.. We are a team and we are working together for the community.

If we pull this off (and we will) the Govan Fair will be revitalised and will once again be the main engine for creating a cohesive community in Govan.

Freddy talked us through the route – drawing diagrams on the White Board for clarity and stunning us with his Homer Simpson tee shirt ­čÖé

We’ll have another joint session closer to the event

In the meantime, the Police will join the Govan Fair committee at weekly meetings.

The sense of goodwill and shared purpose is inspiring

Thanks to all – we are lucky to have such passionate committed community volunteers and our wonderful, dedicated, ┬álocal Police team.

Success is team work!