Entry 16 – Young Detectives – The End


(image from http://artofthewire.tumblr.com)

The story of the Young Detectives is over.

Or is it?

The purpose of the Young Detective blog updates was to bring to you, the reader, a picture of life for the residents of Govan. Key here is that “residents” refers to everyone included in the story, police and civilian, young and old, rich and poor. While each character was distinct they were all unavoidably linked – not only through family or professional ties but through that most important and inescapable feature of all our lives – through our community, the place we live and the people we share that place with. While any community can go through its rough patches what is important is the capacity for overcoming the bad, seeing past it, knowing that there is better in the place you live and the people who live there and striving to aim for that to make existence as pleasurable as everyone deserves it to be.

The centrepiece and climax of the story, the Govan Fair, is intended to allow people to share in exactly such an experience. While the origins of the Fair go back centuries, as far as the 1400s, the modern Fair was established in 1756 as a community event to benefit local weavers and other residents experiencing hardship. Since then the Fair has of course evolved but that central tenetĀ of togetherness and celebration remains. It remains a focal point in the community, a time when the residents of Govan can come together and just be happy to have something as historic and lasting as Govan in common to share and celebrate. It is important to maintain this event as something for future generations to share in as, without it, a community becomes simply a collection of people in the same place with no ties to one another. An existence that does not bode well for anyone.

So, like the veritable Scott Templeton, only with no awards or high profile jobs awaiting, the Young Detectives are finished. But the stories of Govan go on. You will see an Andy, a Phil, a Ryan, a Donna, a Jeanie, a Darryl on the street. Remember that they are the same as you, their stories will continue, and stories of similar people will carry on past them.