Govan Fair Association and Police Debrief meeting

20140625_1712044.30pm, Wednesday 25th June 2014

Helen Street Police Station.



The Chair of the Govan Fair Association opened the meeting with fulsome praise for the Police: for the way they handled the event, for their contribution to the preparation and for the journey we’ve been on together.



What went well

From the Govan Fair Association point of view

It’s been a great partnership. We’ve learned a lot and there is a solid foundation to build on for the future.

Police co-operation with Govan Fair was second to none

Hassle with gangs now a thing of the past

The partnership between the Police and the Community wardens went very well. No one body can do it themselves.

Huge resources put in from the Police – hard to measure in monetary terms but very much appreciated

Feedback from Showman’s Guild – excellent – they couldn’t believe it was Govan

Police visiting the area at night – worked very well – nothing happening


The story of the little boy who was lost was cited as a good example of working together. The Police made us aware of who to look out for, we announced if from the bandstand and within half an hour, we were able to make a second announcement that all was well and the boy had been reunited with his family.



What went well

From the Police point of view:

The security in the park was great

The security team pointed out problems – made us aware of anyone who might potentially cause trouble (either because they were drunk or for any other reason) p

The Community Wardens were a good idea

Scottish government loved the wardens idea too when we shared it with them.

We have set an example – an exemplar for communities in the future


We are used to this kind of thing. Policing at Ibrox during a football match is similar. It’s mostly stewards who deal with the smaller things and Police are only brought in for the big issues


In terms of disorder: there was nothing relating directly to the parade

Minor disorders at Summerton Road and the Firestation but nothing around the parade

Skirmish at Firestation was jumped on very quickly

For the amount of people who came out – it was a resounding success

We put a lot of time into building our relationships – the Govan Fair Association and the Police

That paid off


We were amazed with the number of people in the streets.

Public turn out estimate 5k to 10k

The people of Govan came out in support and behaved impeccably.


Things that could have been even better


In the future, there needs to be more correspondence with our community wardens

Guidelines for where the community responsibilities begin and end and vice verca would be useful – maybe a written briefing.

Agreed: The Police will help with this


The parade supposed to be going into the park as planned and changing direction at the last minute was discussed as an example of what can go wrong when the community wardens are not thoroughly briefed

The Police were expecting that to happen (everyone WANTS the procession to end in the park) the streets are not a place for children.

The confusion at the end was blamed on the police by the community reps

However, the confusion was NOTHING to do with the police. That was our responsibility.


We will ensure the parade will end up in the park next year and we will ensure EVERYONE knows the route exactly

Every warden needs to be given an “operational order”

The police prepare operational orders as a matter of course.

The police will support the wardens in the preparation of those orders for next year

Freddie will get training from the police and he will cascade that training out to the wardens and the events management team


What we need is more Police based at Govan are dedicated to Govan: not just brought in on the night of the parade


Utopian thinking though

Days of cops being in the one place at the one time are long gone

We should know what shift is going to be there on the day next year, and will do well in advance

However, there’s never enough of them – we have to draft in cops from everywhere for a big event like that

We can request that more Govan Police are dedicated to the Fair but as a matter of course, that would need to be a decision made by Police Scotland at the highest levels.

Agreed: There are pros and cons to the deployment of Police to different locations, However, for a community event like this, there is a big loss in terms of local knowledge and weel kent faces in the crowd.



And Finally

Well done to ALL

The Fair is going to grow in future years

We need to link in as early as possible

Always competing demands so the earlier the better.


Well that’s us actually started NOW for NEXT YEAR

Oh Aye The Govan Fair!