Govan Fair Committee Meeting: Wednesday 14th May 2014

Thanks to the two police officers who attended the Govan Fair Committee Meeting last night. Unfortunately no one took a note of your names… Can you let us know who you were please so that we can acknowledge you in person?.

It was great to have your input and to hear you emphasise once again how committed you all are to supporting the Association in making the Govan Fair a huge success once again. The Fairground rides returning to Elder Park for the first time in a decade is a big deal. We are all aware of that and will work as a team to make sure we maintain a happy family atmosphere – funday, funfair, funtime.

It’s also great to know that you will all join in with the fun but will be alert and able to respond within seconds should anyone ┬áthink they can take advantage of the new relationship between the Police and ┬áthe community!

The Govan Fair Association is keen to welcome the Police representation at each one of their meetings – every Wednesday at 6pm in Elder Park Library and every Tuesday at 11am in the Pearce Institute.