Learning Journey

We decided that the best way for people to experience our report on this project was in the form of a visit to the police station. As Susan and I had been doing installations in the Muster Room, we looked at how we could create our own ‘muster’ where the visitors would be ‘briefed’. I wondered how Jimmy Stringfellow – a leader in the Govan Showpeople community who had run-ins with local residents who had called the Police in the past about the alleged misbehaviour of his dogs, ¬†would ‘brief’ the police on himself… I created a ‘briefing slide’ similar to the ones used by the police in the muster room, and Jimmy ‘played’ a Sergeant briefing the constables.. this is what he said about himself…..

WAL jimmy briefing

jimmy briefing the police on himself


“There is an unsavoury character roaming the streets of Govan!

Now retired, with Crocodile Teeth – nick name “Sharky”

You are very well acquainted with him
You’ve been to see him 52 times since early 2013

Height – 6 foot give or take a wee bit
Weight – 13 Stone and a wee bit
Age – 29 plus V.A.T………

He is known for random acts of kindness, cocking a snook at authority, being a huge contribution to the community, supporting local charities and serving on every committee from the Govan Fair Association and the Church Board to the Police Project steering group

We currently have reports coming in that he is trying to infiltrate the Community Council!

Beware if apprehending – take 6 dog handlers with you
He seems to have the bite on everybody!!”