Entry 14 – Young Detectives – Preparation

6 June 2014 On the morning of the Fair the skies over Govan and beyond were an unbroken ocean of dreamy paradise. No ominous clouds loomed over the horizon, no rain was forecast. The slightest breeze hung in the air, seemingly waiting for the moment when people were just beginning to feel the effect of Read more

Entry 13 – Young Detectives – Donna’s Despair

5 June 2014 The early days of summer heat were gone, replaced with torrential rain. The whole day had seen rain so heavy it had pooled on the roads and pavements before it could reach the drains. The few people who had been brave enough to go out had led dances on their tiptoes looking Read more

Entry 9 – Young Detectives – The Crew Meets

3 June 2014 Darryl sauntered along Langlands Road heading back to the park. The sun was still high as the evening was just beginning. He was alone on the pavement as cars and the occasional bus blew past him. He threw a finger up at a large black saloon that beeped as it sped past Read more

Entry 3 – Young Detectives – Darryl

1 June 2014 The streets of Govan are quiet. Sunday. A still day which holds some of the promise of the coming summer but which is still reminiscent of the spring not yet gone, a chill breeze belying the streaming sun in a cloudless sky. In Elder Park the preparations for the Govan Fair can Read more

Entry 2 – Young Detectives – Introducing the Characters

Over the course of the Young Detectives updates various Govan ‘characters’ will be featured to give a cross-section of society and show the effect of the We Are Listening project on the police and their standing in the community.┬áThe major players of the Young Detective story are laid out here, get to know them now Read more