Entry 16 – Young Detectives – The End

(image from http://artofthewire.tumblr.com) The story of the Young Detectives is over. Or is it? The purpose of the Young Detective blog updates was to bring to you, the reader, a picture of life for the residents of Govan. Key here is that “residents” refers to everyone included in the story, police and civilian, young and Read more

Entry 14 – Young Detectives – Preparation

6 June 2014 On the morning of the Fair the skies over Govan and beyond were an unbroken ocean of dreamy paradise. No ominous clouds loomed over the horizon, no rain was forecast. The slightest breeze hung in the air, seemingly waiting for the moment when people were just beginning to feel the effect of Read more

Entry 13 – Young Detectives – Donna’s Despair

5 June 2014 The early days of summer heat were gone, replaced with torrential rain. The whole day had seen rain so heavy it had pooled on the roads and pavements before it could reach the drains. The few people who had been brave enough to go out had led dances on their tiptoes looking Read more

Entry 12 – Young Detectives – Brotherly Love

4 June 2014 “Haw big man!” Phil sniggered as Andy jumped and tried to hide it, looking around for the source of the shout. “How ye been Johnno, just the man I wanted tae see.” Two men were gesticulating with each other on either side of Langlands Road. “I’m just gaun alang there,” said the Read more

Entry 11 – Young Detectives – Jean Alone

3 June 2014 The bus rattled as it pulled up across from the station. Jean pulled herself up from her seat and clung onto the poles as she made her way to the door. Thanking the driver she stepped off carefully, grateful to have her feet on solid ground again. Another old woman followed her Read more

Entry 10 – Young Detectives – Phil & Andy

3 June 2014 “Sirens, go.” Andy hit the button on the console as Phil stamped his foot on the floor. The roaring engine competed with the wailing siren. Rubber squealed as the car accelerated down Helen Street. Andy replied to the radio. “Car 4K responding en route, will advise when on scene, over.” Andy was Read more

Entry 9 – Young Detectives – The Crew Meets

3 June 2014 Darryl sauntered along Langlands Road heading back to the park. The sun was still high as the evening was just beginning. He was alone on the pavement as cars and the occasional bus blew past him. He threw a finger up at a large black saloon that beeped as it sped past Read more

Entry 8 – Young Detectives – Ryan

2 June 2014 The initial hum of Ryan’s saloon gave way to a confident growl as he cruised along the road. The streets were largely clear, what few school children there had been running around excitedly had all dispersed by now. Looking at the cool grey pavements Ryan thought they looked almost clean, as if Read more

Entry 7 – Young Detectives – Donna

2 June 2014 “Em hello,” “Aye come on what, I’ve no’ got all day.” “Four sausage rolls and two coffees please.” Donna picked out the rolls and slipped them into a bag. The police officer made a motion as if to correct her that she saw out the corner of her eye as she turned Read more

Entry 6 – Young Detectives – Andy

2 June 2014 Monday morning. Phil woke late and was in a rush the whole time as he made his way in to Helen Street to pick up his new partner. Such was his rush that he was late for the star of their official induction ceremony and had to wait outside to be called Read more

Entry 5 – Young Detectives – Phil

1 June 2014 “Hello miss.” “Miss?” she said indignantly. “Pack that in. There’s nobody here you need to impress.” He looked sheepish. “Hi mum. Are you okay? Have you been to church?” “Aye, that’s me on my way back now. Here, when I left and was on my way this wee boy ran into me, Read more

Entry 4 – Young Detectives – Jeanie

1 June 2014 “What are you doing? Watch yourself!” her voice trailed off as the boy in the tracksuit sloped off with barely a look to see what he’d done. She shook her head and threw out a hand as he went further down the street. She hobbles off still shaking her head and muttering Read more

Entry 3 – Young Detectives – Darryl

1 June 2014 The streets of Govan are quiet. Sunday. A still day which holds some of the promise of the coming summer but which is still reminiscent of the spring not yet gone, a chill breeze belying the streaming sun in a cloudless sky. In Elder Park the preparations for the Govan Fair can Read more

Entry 2 – Young Detectives – Introducing the Characters

Over the course of the Young Detectives updates various Govan ‘characters’ will be featured to give a cross-section of society and show the effect of the We Are Listening project on the police and their standing in the community. The major players of the Young Detective story are laid out here, get to know them now Read more

Entry 1 – Introducing the Young Detectives

As part of the We Are Listening project the Young Detectives will be bringing a series of updates about the Police in the community in Govan. The purpose of the YD blog updates will be to showcase the development of the Police becoming a more prominent and interactive feature of the community through engagement with Read more