Thinking Police People – A personal response

Speaking with Ash yesterday morning, I realised that I have been as guilty as anyone else of seeing the “uniform” rather than the “person”. I’m quite shocked to realise that – I always had myself as an open, understanding, empathetic individual who relates well to people. Just goes to show… the uniform is useful – but it can also be a barrier to “listening” …. Thanks for allowing me to see this for myself!

Then I started to think… If I have that response, perhaps the young people on the streets have a similar reaction to the “uniform”
Ash shared with us that he is keen on football. He wondered if it would it be an idea to reconvene the Police Football teams for the Govan Fair Football tournaments.. only this time, organise mixed teams involving the Police and young people. Kathy and I thought this was a brilliant idea! Too soon for this year’s Govan Fair, but for next year!? FOR SURE!!