Entry 2 – Young Detectives – Introducing the Characters

Over the course of the Young Detectives updates various Govan ‘characters’ will be featured to give a cross-section of society and show the effect of the We Are Listening project on the police and their standing in the community. The major players of the Young Detective story are laid out here, get to know them now to enjoy their stories later.

Darryl – Darryl has lived in the town his whole life, like his father, and his father before him. A popular boy on his street and his close, Darryl spends his time out and about roaming the streets in Govan with his pals looking for a good time. With the Govan Fair coming up Darryl and his team are looking forward to the action – one of the crew got a tip that the rides are coming back to Elder Park, and they can’t wait.

Jean – “Wee Jeanie,” the woman who reminds everyone of their own granny. She’s a regular fixture down Govan way, going for her messages or visiting her daughter. She always has a smile on her face, always returns a wave. She’s spent her whole life in Govan and only wants the best for it.

Andy – A new recruit with Police Scotland to patrol the streets of Govan, Andy knows the streets he grew up on and wants to return them to their former glory, like he read about when he was a wee boy. He’s young, idealistic and wants to clean up the streets any way he can.

Phil – Andy’s sergeant, weary from his years on the street and the decay he has seen infest Govan that in his eyes shows no signs of abating. He’s had lots of new officers start the beat in Govan, few have gone on to better things, most were sucked in to the cycle the town perpetuates with a mutual distrust and scorn, but he has remained. Constant.

Ryan – A Glasgow businessman, born in Govan but ‘escaped’ in his words, though he returns periodically to visit the bank and to remind himself of why he works as hard as he does. Drives a black Mercedes that everyone recognises when it flashes through the streets. Is involved in the planning and funding for the Govan fair, he wants to bring his family but he’s anxious about how it’s going to go.

Donna – Young girl, still in her teens. Left school and struggled to get a job, splitting time between shouting at the Job Centre and being shouted at by her mother who went through the same thing at the same age. Some of Donna’s friends from school are pregnant and have had kids, but she doesn’t want that future.

The Young Detectives – Our Young Detectives are always on the go in Govan, always watching, always taking in what’s happening. They are the unseen eyes and ears that see everything, that know everything, that are everything. They are telling the stories that are going on, from the level of the regular Govan resident.


Govan is a rich and layered community. The stories of the people are what makes any community and Govan is no different. We hope that the stories of the people can illuminate Govan for the uninitiated. A reminder, again, all the people featured in these stories are fictional.